Day 4 “Can this day get any better”

It started with a massive sleep, almost a whole five hours, which was much needed after yesterday’s adventures.  I got up shortly before noon, armed with sextant, watch notebook and pencil and I’m off out on the deck on my quest to establish our noon latitude.  I’m getting closer, within 18 miles of GPS today, […]

Noon is not at noon

It turns out that during the day a sailor has only one real chance at confirming the ship’s latitude, this happens at noon each day.  When the Sun is at her highest point in the sky we can take our sextant, measure the angle between the Sun and the horizon and after applying some maths […]

“Now bring me that horizon”

31 October Up anchor and I’m at the helm again, it is 0800 and we’re headed for the fuel dock in Las Palmas marina.  “Do you want your boat back skipper?” I ask on the way in to the marina.  “Erm….. no, it’s alright….. can you just drive us on to the fuel dock?”  FFS… […]

“Some days you’re the driver”

We left the dock at around midday Saturday 28 October to sail the 80 miles to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.  Getting the boat out of the berth at Fuerteventura was not exactly pretty, our skipper being a monohull man hasn’t quite mastered the finer points of two engines yet, nor will we mention the dockline. […]