Day 9. Muc Maun through the Doldrums

Having solved my quest for longitude and sun run sun yesterday I have given myself a day off celestial navigation and treated myself to a whole five hours unbroken sleep between 0630 and 1130 this morning, this is the longest sleep I’ve had in the last eight days, to get two hours sleep at a […]

Polaris and the variation revelation

After 8 days of frantically scribbling numbers into my notebook varying amounts of light I now had a lot to catch up.  Having finally understood sun sight reduction it was time to get to grips with the Moon, planets and the stars.  My quest now, whilst maintaining my sun-run-sun routine, is to work through all […]

Day 8. Finding the Plot!!

My day restarts on the 0600 – 0900 shift this is the first 6am one for me after the watch pattern change.  I hate 0600, 0400 is fine, 0800 is fine, but 0600, not fine!   I’ve probably had 3 and half hours sleep all night, so I don’t really want to get up.  But I […]

The Plotting Sheet

I’d read about Plotting Sheets briefly on the online course and while the three instruction books I had on board each touched on the plotting sheet, there seemed to be some assumed knowledge here that I didn’t have.  The idiot me could not find a basic step by step instruction guide.  The sheets themselves did […]

Sun Run Sun

This was the chapter I didn’t quite get to on the online course, so now I’m counting on having brought the right books, Google or Youtube tutorials are not available out here.  I found it a little frustrating that I’d paid for an online theory course, but hadn’t considered that there was no option to […]

Day 7. “The Bomb Squad”

Another blue sunny day in the tropics.  The waves are bigger now, but this cruise ship is hardly feeling the roll of the ocean.  Had we been in a monohull this crossing would have been an altogether different and more difficult state of affairs.  Our progress has slowed considerably, the wind has dropped and our […]

Day 5. Into the Tropics

We entered the tropics today pretty much at dead on noon and here are the trade winds, we are now shifting at 7 knots in nice rolling waves, but still no flying fish.  It looks like we’ll be making the big turn right tomorrow, in about 100 miles.     Today I have a huge revelation […]