Round and round we go

I’m now fairly confident that I have got the hang of  sun sight reduction, sun run sun plots, moon and planet sights and have some beautiful fixes on my plotting sheets, a couple of Sun positions I am super proud of, a lovely fix using Venus and Polaris and another using the Sun and Moon […]

Day 16. A whole day of breeze!!!

Today I woke up to breeze!!!! A whole 15 (occasionally 16) knots of breeze, white caps and nice rolling waves – this is how I remember the Atlantic being.  Aaaaaah.  The 0900 – 1200 watch is wonderful, I’m lying in the sunshine on the top deck, everyone else asleep and we are sailing.  Bliss! Ok, […]

Day 15. Eggspelling the stores

0400 – 0600 shift this morning, complete with a lovely, Cheshire cat smiling moon and the chance to take some star sights just before sun up.  Venus and Jupiter are rising in conjunction in the Eastern sky.  Then a big fat sleep until just before noon, to get my noon sight at 1234 ship time. […]

Day 13. Half way drinks

This morning we are sailing, which means there must be some breeze, but there is no sign of any white caps outside the window, so probably not much.  We have made it to 22N 37W which was the aim by Sunday lunchtime, so there is a small victory.  I’m on deck for my 1200 watch […]

Day 11. Dragon in the Doldrums

This morning I woke up just before 11 and had a hot shower!  Then I arrived on deck to the latest weather update, basically no wind in the Atlantic and a huge hole chasing us round.  So we had been sailing in what looked like the Trade Winds off Africa, but since we made the […]