Day 23. Stars, showers, speed!

I’m on watch at 0600  and the clouds broke sufficiently for me to get a fix from the stars this morning, much to my relief and the fix looks good on paper.  Within an hour the sky had darkened and the rain had come in – really ridiculously heavy rain, no chance of a sun […]

The Great Conga in the Sky

It has taken me a fortnight to get to grips with sun run sun, Moon and planet sights.  I still have around 800 miles of the trip left to fathom star sights.  I’ve been shying away from this somewhat as the pro-forma given in Mr Cunliffe’s book is basically a page containing seven columns of […]

Round and round we go

I’m now fairly confident that I have got the hang of  sun sight reduction, sun run sun plots, moon and planet sights and have some beautiful fixes on my plotting sheets, a couple of Sun positions I am super proud of, a lovely fix using Venus and Polaris and another using the Sun and Moon […]

Day 16. A whole day of breeze!!!

Today I woke up to breeze!!!! A whole 15 (occasionally 16) knots of breeze, white caps and nice rolling waves – this is how I remember the Atlantic being.  Aaaaaah.  The 0900 – 1200 watch is wonderful, I’m lying in the sunshine on the top deck, everyone else asleep and we are sailing.  Bliss! Ok, […]