Another blue sunny day in the tropics.  The waves are bigger now, but this cruise ship is hardly feeling the roll of the ocean.  Had we been in a monohull this crossing would have been an altogether different and more difficult state of affairs.  Our progress has slowed considerably, the wind has dropped and our wind angle is way aft, we are now averaging a very painful 4 to 5 knots over the ground.

On the astro nav front I am starting to despair over Sun-Run-Sun and how to use the plotting sheet, I am now beyond the point I got to in the Yachtmaster Ocean online theory course.  I could be lost at sea for a long time yet!


Our Iridium Go system of wonder, is providing little wonder and much frustration.  We can text out, but for some unknown reason we are not receiving messages back, which is rather disappointing and the Iridium Go Help page is not helpful.  It does give us access to weather files each day, so I shouldn’t grumble.


It turns out that it is our skipper’s birthday today and at dinner time our American crewman sings us a Sea Shanty that he has written about the trip so far, it is very entertaining.   Since are now having a party by providing our own entertainment it seemed like a good day to get the whistle out and play a few tunes.  To celebrate the birthday and because we are “yachting” and there is fruit to use up, it seemed rude not to mark the day with a glass on Pimms.


It is Monday, so the watch system rotates, which means tonight I am on 2200 – 0200, man that watch seems to go on forever.  It was a pretty grim watch, with shifty light flukey frustrating winds, loads of ominous clouds and heavy rainfall, all the signs of potential squalls, but the breeze doesn’t seem to materialise.  For a very brief spell of maybe 20 minutes under one cloud we caught a bit of a draught, only about 16 knots true, but it felt like a gale compared to what wind we’ve had so far.  It was colder air tumbling down from aloft and for a fleeting moment I had 9.3 knots out of her, I averaged closer to 8 knots for the 20 minutes then we were back down to 3 knots and flog, flog, flog.


Once again I have to wake “sleeping beauty”, to encourage him to arrive on deck on time.  My patience is wearing thin after a week of this and the wake up “calls” contain a lot of shouting and swearing in proper Manx fisherman style.  At 0150 my shipmate looks at the clock and says “Time to send the bomb squad in”.  

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