We entered the tropics today pretty much at dead on noon and here are the trade winds, we are now shifting at 7 knots in nice rolling waves, but still no flying fish.  It looks like we’ll be making the big turn right tomorrow, in about 100 miles.  


Today I have a huge revelation in sextant operation… index error (actually operator error), but with this eureka moment and a few minutes of maths I have our latitude at 23°01’.5N, I am 1.5 miles out!!! Allelujah!  Another small step in the right direction.  Next up Sun-Run-Sun and the quest for longitude is occupying my mind.  I wish I had learned about running fixes and transferred position lines before now.  There is no human or Google available out here to ask.


Our American crewman has decided that this catamaran sailing is not really sailing “more like yaaughting” attempting his best at a posh English accent.  I am inclined to agree, this is certainly not sailing, we are far too comfortable, so “yachting” is a fitting description.


It is another beautiful night on the ocean under the brightest and lightest full moon I have ever seen.  I realise trying to explain VMG to my shipmate is nigh on impossible, so I give up and enjoy the peace on deck “moonbathing”. Plotting star sights is also proving nigh on impossible at the moment.

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