0400 – 0600 shift this morning, complete with a lovely, Cheshire cat smiling moon and the chance to take some star sights just before sun up.  Venus and Jupiter are rising in conjunction in the Eastern sky.  Then a big fat sleep until just before noon, to get my noon sight at 1234 ship time.


I left my cabin to be greeted by Speedos in the galley at eye height…. I went back to my cabin.


We have been sailing all day and making some progress toward Antigua, albeit slow, it is a steady average of 5 knots.  We have just over 1100 miles to run and by the Mathematician’s estimations, enough fuel (with no reserve) to motor 800 of those miles, looking at the forecast we’re going to need to motor most of it.  It is hard to believe we have sailed around 2000 miles and not seen more than 15 knots of breeze.  The exception being one spell for about 5 minutes under a squall where there was 22 knots across the deck, but that has been it.


It has been a slow day and a slow trip all in all.  I have spent the afternoon with my head in the books again, starting to make real sense of the astro nav stuff now, my track on the chart is acceptably close to GPS and today I’ve got my head round plotting our position from a star fix.  With practise it is all getting easier.


Food is featuring on my mind more and more now as I am aware of the ever decreasing stores.  Today I have eggsiled and eggspelled the stinky eggs.  The bread still looks edible, but it is 10 days out of date, I wonder what is in it to keep it so long and conclude it probably isn’t food!  I’m on the French Toast and wraps now instead.  We didn’t catch any fish today, so I made Cowboy Beans and fried potatoes for tea, a good bit of carbohydrate comfort food fix was just what was called for and it proves we can eat good meals from tins.

Midnight watch for me tonight, so couple more hours of making sense of my nav sights, then the beauty of the darkness and a moon rise to look forward to on my stint.  We are now motor sailing through the night since there is not a lot of breeze and we need to shorten the gap between us and Antigua as best as possible.  The wind has shifted to east by east south east, so the choices were sail 300 – 320 (away from Antigua) or gybe through at least the 120 degrees this shed needs to gybe through and sail due south – also not toward Antigua.  I think the plan is to motor sail during the nights where the wind is light and suffer the drifting pain during the days.  

I estimate that every night watch I must have seen an average of at least 10 shooting stars, they are becoming the norm rather than the nouvelle, incredible! In two weeks at sea that I’m sure is more than I would see in a lifetime on land.

Sleeping Beauty is still impossible to wake up, I decide that maybe I will open the biscuit tin and wave it around his cabin to see if I can awaken the inner mouse?

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