2017 Atlantic Crossing

Day 14. You shall have a fishy on a little dishy…

Two weeks at sea now and finally I wake to a few white tops outside and the odd wave coming in the window – breeeeeeeeeeeze!!!! Thank goodness, my strategy of motoring to hit 40W by today looks to have paid off.  We have hopefully now escaped The Nothing and all being well this breeze will keep filling and get us to Antigua.  The couple of days spent motoring and the nights motor sailing at 7 – 8 knots overnight have shaved some good time and distance off the trip.  We still have just shy of ¾ full fuel tanks too.  The clock is down to below 1250 miles to go now and we’re shifting at an average of 5 -6 knots with an apparent wind angle of 90 – 120 in 12 knots of breeze.  The boat seems to like this.  We are slightly high of the track to Antigua, but we’re heading the right way.

With the crew sleeping I won the battle of the beach towels this morning and I  managed to get a couple of hours in the prime sun spot.  

Fish for tea again!!!  It is a Dorado, but it is more silvery and less colourful than the first one.  This time we caught it on a lure that looked like a squid (the birds were pretty interested in the lure too).  Once again I am the gutter girl, but this time our slightly squeamish skipper watched.  It still had some small fish in its belly, so I did a full dissection, pulled all the bits out and showed him saying “Oh, look what he’d had for his dinner!” haha!  


Celestial nav is coming together, I’m going back through all the sights I’ve taken so far and correcting everything.  Now I’ve worked out what I’m doing, my plot on the chart is impressively close to GPS 🙂  Stars next….

My Chromebook working slower now, it needs to hook up to the internet for a reboot I think…. I hope it lasts the trip?

The tropical autumn sky at sunset was worthy of a rendition of Autumn Sky, so I spent sunset sat on the foredeck playing tunes especially for all the folks at home, Autumn Sky for Dad, Ellan Vannin for Juan, Eddie O’Gara’s Waltz for Hannah and Alexa aaaaaaahhhh, heaven 🙂

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