This morning we are sailing, which means there must be some breeze, but there is no sign of any white caps outside the window, so probably not much.  We have made it to 22N 37W which was the aim by Sunday lunchtime, so there is a small victory.  I’m on deck for my 1200 watch and we are sailing at a painful 4 knots…. Another 15 days at sea at this rate.  We still have ¾ fuel in both tanks, 750 miles of motoring perhaps, so there is still, at worst, 750 to cover under sail at best 400.


F*******CK has been my word of the day.  Sailing this morning lost us some ground against The Nothing, we were down to 3 knots in 5 – 7 knots true, meaning The Nothing was catching us up again, we had out run it, but not enough.  By 1300 we were motoring again, thank goodness, we are now making 6 – 7 knots away from The Nothing.   Weeks of no wind is finally getting to me, 1500 miles to run at 3 – 4 knots gives us an ETA of maybe sometime next year!


At least I have plenty of time for learning celestial navigation (it is probably keeping me sane at the moment) I’ve been back to day 1, recalculating all the mistakes and doing new sums for planet and Moon sights that I had taken, but not had the mental capacity or will to deal with until this point.  On the chart I now have 2 days worth of sensible positions, so now my quest is to tidy up what I have already done, whilst keeping on top of the day to day sights.  Things are looking good on that front, I’m understanding the maths, seeing mistakes and getting my head round the more complex things like the moon. I will have nailed this by the end of the trip.  1730 and that is enough of the books.


“Beer o’clock skipper?” I ask, “Well, I’d been trying not to have a drink, but it is Sunday” “Do you need some peer pressure” says I, as I’m looking at the chart, “well, it is Sunday, it’s sunny, sunset soon and we are half way” “Half way drinks it is then” he says as he pours me a large vodka and tonic… And all the frustration evaporates.   Cabin fever 🙂


Roast for dinner, it is Sunday after all.  By the time we’d finished eating the breeze is starting to fill as I hoped it would and we are now trucking along motor sailing at 8 knots assisted.  We keep motoring this time, lets get ahead of this hole before we start sailing again.  


We change watch pattern again tomorrow, thank goodness, back to the 0400 cycle.  The result being I am on tonight from 2200 – 0200 and then a big fat massive lie in until 0900 tomorrow morning – yippee!!!


It is now 2030, I’m on deck at 2200, it might be fit to sail by then, but really it would be good to get to 40W as quick as possible, looking at the weather forecast that is where the breeze will be by tomorrow lunch time, hopefully (at 8 knots!) we will be there too.

 It is so dark out here, the milky way stretches like a rainbow from one horizon to the other, right over my head, hanging like a big cobweb covered in dew.  I can’t escape the shooting stars, they are everywhere.  I spend an hour on the trampoline on the foredeck watching phosphoresence being churned up bow our bow waves and then disappearing off under the hull.  Every now and then the two bow waves meet and make one big wave (which is the water bomb noise I experience in my cabin), exploding and creating a miniature underwater firework display, just for me.  Fabulous.  Now it is 2am and I can sleep for a whole seven hours in a row!!! Aaaahhhh zzzzzzzzzzzz

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