2017 Atlantic Crossing

Day 10. Teach a man to fish and you’ll still have to gut it for him

We changed the ship’s clock at 0600 this morning, which gave me an extra hour in bed, although I still got up just to make sure, since my watch started at 0600.  I was treated to another long tailed tern in the sunrise. 

By 0930 my day’s work was done, watch over, breakfast eaten, washing out.  There is only me on deck, so I take the opportunity to be the first to get my beach towel in the prime sun spot.

The Sun and Moon are both visible together on opposite sides of the sky, so I take sights on them both in the hope of coming up with a fix from them.  After taking a noon sight I retire to the cool of my cabin for some sums and snoozing.

While I was sleeping the boys caught and landed a fish!! I wish I’d seen the kill, it  sounds like a proper funny episode.  Our skipper had reeled it in and the pair of them had wrestled it aboard and held it down to get the hook out.  They had then opted to kill it by cutting across the back of its neck, which had of course sent blood spurting all over the place.  With the fish dead and in a bucket, they had started cleaning up to mess.  One of them had picked up the rod and in doing so swung the fish hook through his own cheek somehow!  At this point I’m in tears laughing as they recount the story to me.  “It was like Texas Chainsaw Massacre all over the decks and all over the cabin” explained the guy with a hole in his cheek. 

So I come out on deck just after 1530 to take my afternoon sun sight, to find a decent sized Dorado sitting dead in a bucket waiting for me. Within a few minutes I have gutted it, chopped off the head and tail and now put it in a baking tray to cook for dinner – result!  I reckon I’d get a job on a French fishing boat, that fish was clean 🙂  And it sure was tasty, baked with some butter, lemons and Herb de Provence in tin foil, it smelled and tasted as good as Dad’s cooking.  Even once cooked the boys still didn’t know how to tackle the whole fish out of the tray, so I take it off the bone and serve it for them too.

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