About Me

Where there is the sea and a boat there is always a story.  Born on an island and brought up with boats it was inevitable that over the years I would eek out an existence working with, on and around boats.  My Dad calls me “son”, which might seem obvious, except that I am his daughter. 

I started sailing dinghies at a very young age.  When I say “started sailing” it was more like me being put in an Oppie crying until I either stopped crying or got back to land.  Having now been a Dinghy Instructor for 20 years, when confronted with a small young fearful child my memories still take me back to those early days.

“First you have to row a little boat” and really that is where it started.  Me and the sea, we have always had a bond and have enjoyed a somewhat Marmite relationship over the years, me either loving or hating it depending on the day.  

My career has taken me from Dinghy Instructor, to Skipper, to Yachtmaster Ocean, I’ve spent 12 years with the RNLI as crew, run my own sailing school, complete with tractor at 54N, I am never far from the water. 

So this is for Uncle Bo and all of my family and friends who are far away, and for those who are just round the corner or up the road, that I don’t see enough of.