Today I woke up to breeze!!!! A whole 15 (occasionally 16) knots of breeze, white caps and nice rolling waves – this is how I remember the Atlantic being.  Aaaaaah.  The 0900 – 1200 watch is wonderful, I’m lying in the sunshine on the top deck, everyone else asleep and we are sailing.  Bliss!

Ok, so we’re not going an ideal direction and are still making too much north in the course, so VMG is slow, but we are sailing and it is pleasant.  If only we could sail lower…. if only we had a spinnaker…. But the sun is shining and we are moving 🙂

The log ticked to under 1000 miles to run just after lunch, so all being well there are less than 10 days left now.   Meals are going to be tuna, pasta and baked beans based the closer we get!  We’ll not go hungry, but it might be a bland existence for a few days.  There are plenty of oranges left and the tomatoes have lasted really well in the fridge too, so we’ll not get scurvy.  But  I am already looking forward to a big fat burger and chips and rum cocktail at the other end.

In the celestial navigation world things are looking good.  I’ve taken my sun run sun sights again and caught up on more calculations, I now have about 800 miles of accurate fixes on the chart and I think I can say I have got my head round it now.  Although our wannabe Yachtmaster continues to hinder my efforts by completely failing to fill in the log at all on his watch – again – FFS.  The “You’ve only got one effing thing to remember” speech didn’t seem to sink in. 

 I caught a fleeting glimpse on a whale about 50m off the back of the boat just before sunset!! Only saw its top, blow hole and dorsal fin, but not enough to identify it, fairly small, but a whale for sure.

We passed 045W at 1915, so the clocks have gone back for us again now.  At around the same time the wind dropped, so we are now motor sailing aiming straight at Antigua.  The Mathematician estimates we only need to make 60 miles under the sail, the rest we can motor – but there is no reserve.  The more we can sail, the greater the reserve, but the end is in sight.  

Tonight I have two whole shifts of star gazing in store (2000 – 0000 and 0400 – 0600).  I’m now working on getting a star fix, so I have my star sight plan all ready for twilight before the dawn in the morning.  

As I write this the engine revs have just dropped, I can hear the electric winch running and the cabin lights are flickering with it.  We must be attempting to sail again?  I’m off to investigate….  Well that was disappointing, that was the main being pinned into the centre, the wind is all over the place, it’s raining and we’re under a massive cloud.  

Even more disappointing there are no stars to be seen, so on my “standby” watch I opt for a movie night instead, which I enjoy in the “conservatory” curled up in my duvet.  The film was Hidden Figures which is based on a true story about three black ladies who were instrumental in the NASA space program.  These ladies got first manned US space flight into space and ultimately got NASA to the Moon. I knew nothing about any of this, it was really informative and moving, it had me in tears at times.  You must watch this film.  

It is now time to go and “wave the biscuit tin around” to try and raise “sleeping beauty”.  Assuming he is up on time it is bed for four hours then up for the dawn watch and my star sights.  

We changed the clocks at tea time, so technically it is 1am bodyclock time, no wonder I am feeling sleepy.  It is amazing how quickly the body gets used to functioning on half the amount of sleep as usual.  Since my tired tired tired day I haven’t really felt it much.




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