Kiel to Cowes

This time I’m off on a sailing adventure with my Uncle, he’s bought a Sweden 34 in Sweden, I am joining him and his friend, for the final hop of the delivery home from the Kiel Canal to Cowes, Isle of Wight. It is a brave move leaving my own sailing school for a week […]

2am and here we go again

Beep beeeeep beeep, where is the damn thing? BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP, there it is… LAUNCH ALB. Out of bed, clothes on, keys located and out the house, arriving at the boathouse third in the door, I grab my gear. Information coming in is that a 29ft yacht with one person aboard, is 1 mile offshore […]

600 mile race around some islands

Already the adventure has begun and I’m not even off the island yet. I’m up before the sun this morning, having packed last night and I’m even waiting early at the taxi stand. It was a quick trip across the island. Quick until the sudden screeching of our brakes, following my sharp intake of breath […]

Ocean Logging

“We need to go ocean logging” announced the Tree Fella… “Ocean logging?” I ask, this was a new term to me. “Yes, there’s a log on a beach, it could make great planks….” A few days later the perfect opportunity presented itself, a flat calm, sunny day, a day starting to show the first real […]

Cabin Boy and the Old Gaffers

This weekend (back in June last year) has been engraved in the calendar since the previous summer. The Old Gaffer is determined the not so old gaffer will sail to the Old Gaffers Association trad boats and trad tunes festival across the water.  The Old Gaffer himself is an accomplished fiddle player and this weekend […]

Coxswain assessment day

The big day finally came, after thirteen years on the boat and something like four or five years working through the coxswain plan, today was the day of my final Coxswain Pass-Out assessment.  We were scheduled for a 3pm launch and with staff in place so I could get away from work everything seemed to […]

Saved by the pager

1819 Launch ILB, I was just about to do the dishes, oh well!  Into the car and down to the Station. Given the time of day and that it’s an ILB only page, I don’t anticipate making it on the shout, I live too far away.     There are a good few cars at […]

Night in the forest

As a result of the Yachtmaster Ocean adventure I found myself at a rather extreme job interview for a sailing round the world opportunity of a lifetime.   I’d made it to the second interview stage, which turned out to be a team building weekend, from which my legs are just about recovering. So while […]

First World Problems

#firstworldproblems we say jovially, since there is no other way to cope with the reality of the truth.  To consider the #firstworldproblem we have just identified in any detail is to open a huge can of worms, we disappear down the r*bbit hole. I do the dishes, look at the washing up liquid and I […]